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  About the Workshop

17th International Workshop on Magneto-Plasma Aerodynamics will be held in Moscow, Russia, April 17-19, 2018. The Workshop is organized by the Joint Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences under the sponsorship of the Scientific Councils of RAS for Direct Energy Conversion, for Fluid Mechanics, for Low Temperatures Plasma Physics with the participation and support by RFBR and FASO. The objective of the 17th Workshop is to provide forum for presentation and discussion of recent progress in science and technology in magneto-plasma aerodynamics. The results of analytical and experimental studies of MHD energy conversion, physics of gas discharge, physics of shock waves, plasma assisted ignition and combustion, physical gas dynamics of high-speed airflows and their applications will be the object of consideration at the meeting. The Workshop will be organized as oral invited (25min) and contributed (15min) presentation (to be followed by 5-min discussion) and poster sessions. Several panels are planned to discuss the most actual problems. Prospective authors are invited to submit a title, short annotation (5-10 lines) and technical area (I to VII) their paper relates and authors information (full name, affiliation and their e-mail) by December 4, 2018.

Preliminary List of Topics:

I. Electrical Discharge in High Speed Air Flows;

II. Plasma Aerodynamics, Drag/Heat Flux/Boundary Layer Control;

III. Plasma Assisted Ignition and Combustion Control in High Speed Gas and Air Flows;

IV. MHD&PA Flow/Flight Control;

V. Shock Wave Propagation in Gas-Plasma Systems

VI. On-board MHD&PA Electrical Power Generation

VII. Related Problems (including Extreamal Phenomena).

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